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Michelle wrote this apology to me on November 19, 2013 and my reply

Michelle wrote this apology to me on November 19, 2013
From: Who is Burning The Dogs of Arizona

"Thank you, Please tell Nikki that I am so very sorry for everything. I fucked up trying to play a game of nice with her [Susan Barrett] and I was warned by everyone. I take full responsibility for my actions and it has caused a great deal of heartache and loss of friends that I respected very much. I don't expect to be forgiven for my lack of judgement and I'm sure I will continue to pay for this for a very long time. I would rather face death than the continued persecution I foresee in my future for very long time to come. Yes I brought it on myself and I will bear this cross but please know that I am truly sorry for my actions."

This is my reply to Michelle's apology:

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 11:41 PM, Who is Burning The Dogs of Arizona wrote:


This is Nikki. Alarica is my internet nom de plume since i got thrown off facebook for organizing against Michael McDade who was trying to steal Sea Shepherd's identity.

Yes, I can forgive you if i see you being accountable and if you stop--S.T.O.P.-- ALL--A.L.L.--attacks done by yourself and fronted by others, and this includes against Laura Leigh and others. If you can begin publicly naming what you have done. I have seen no public accountability by you only the most vile hateful misogynist language imaginable, manipulation like i have seen no one else do as much in my whole life, and that crap email with you conspiring with Susan Barrett, which was no game and was so unbelievably slimy, instructing her how to censor and take down my website (do you have any idea how much that infuriates me?) and listening to her lies for months about me and everyone else without saying word one to the victims of your conspiracy; and your blaming others and your false claims that everyone else is lying but you; you have explicitly betrayed the trust of many. If you want to begin to crawl from the place you dug for yourself and others it takes public accountability; many many apologies, even to people who don't know they are owed apologies from you and real humbleness on your part non stop.

If you chose any other way than public explanation and accountability where you and every one can learn from your mistake I would never believe you are telling the truth. You have proven yourself to be a proficient liar, well practiced and strategically on your toes to be able to lie on cue and even by preference. You are in real trouble Michelle. I warned you in those previous emails of what might come without you taking responsibility and with the type of people who would align with u even knowing you were a liar; and where you all might go; what you might do with that lack of ethic and responsibility. Now, if not then, maybe you can understand what I meant. But however bad you think it might be now know that it can be worse. I don't know what you can do with your life. I don't know you that well. People can always have new beginnings. There are always second changes. I have seen you are an exemplary liar. If you are lying with this apology don't be too self satisfied with yourself because you do not harm to anyone but yourself. If you are sincere, like I said, I do accept your apology, but i will have to see that serious accountability i discussed above before your apology will mean much to me or anyone else at this time. Be aware however that even tho i will accept your apology if it is accompanied by public acknowledgement of self awareness on your part, that I will continue to warn people to use extreme caution in all dealings with you.

thank you for your email tonight and best wishes for your future life and your work with animals. Nikki Craft

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