Sunday, December 8, 2013

Michelle Shaw: Where's Freedom... Where's the Puppies?

In response to Michelle Shaw's Truth Time Statement (Dec. 6, 2013)
on the GBU page (reprinted below) by Nikki Craft, December 8, 2013


In her Truth Time Statement there are several untruths, misrepresentations and attempts by Michelle, imo, to muddy things regarding recent questions about her care of her dogs, her integrity and much more. In short, she is lying. I do not believe her statement to be accountable, credible or principled and I would like to express here why I have strong concerns about her Truth Time Statement.

First about Justice and the puppies

In her GBU statement Michelle wrote: "The backyard breeding accusation was derived from 2010 when my roommate at the time, who owned Justice (named Precious at the time) had refused to pick Justice up from the shelter after she had escaped the yard. It cost me $90 to get her out of impound. She was already pregnant. She had 9 pups. 8 survived. That one pup which we named Obama, had died at birth and was buried in the backyard."

In her Truth Time Statement Michelle claimed Justice was owned by her roommate who refused to pick her up at the pound. She must have forgotten what she wrote in her photo album entitled, "Justice the Dog with sidekick Snoopy the Cat." written earlier than the period she's defending in May of 2010 when she was so happy that she had gotten Justice back from her ex-husband. She was exhilarated when she wrote : "I got full custody of my dog today from my ex. She missed me as much as I missed her. My baby girl was so excited to see me. She hasn't left my side yet. She is right on my heels. I guess she is making sure that she doesn't lose sight of me again. It's been over an hour now and she has finally calmed down. New to do list: 1. Give Justice a bath."

According to her own words, Michelle had Justice back from her ex-husband a full seven months before her dog had her puppies. Previous documentation clearly shows she (Michelle), and she alone, was responsible for Justice at that time, not someone else as she falsely claimed. The documentation from her own facebook page (screenshots/photo albums/comments) clearly show that Michelle lied to all of us when she said her housemate owned Justice.

About little Obama

Was the dead puppy black or does it even matter? I don't think so. Joked about on the GBU page, the point is, racist, or not, with all the hate and contempt Michelle has aimed toward Obama, to name an innocent puppy that was born dead, to name the poor little guy "Obama" seems to me to have been a disturbed and hateful act. Granted, Michelle's method of operation about rescues on the GBU page have literally costs animals their lives, however I am not presuming to say that Michelle is not an animal activist. That would be absurd in light of all her efforts and work. However, I have to wonder though what animal advocate even thinks like this; much less flips it out in a statement before hundreds of other animal activists that she named a baby puppy Obama as she lowered it into its grave?

And now about the eight puppies

Michelle claims all the puppies went to close friends who she knew "personally" and that they were all vetted by her without the help of anyone. That said, since she placed them all with "close friends" it should not be difficult to provide current photos of the dogs on the GBU page. Bottom line where are the vet records and receipts from their early shots and vet visits? Also as a responsible rescue/er/caretaker, did Michelle require a signed agreement that each puppy would be spayed and neutered at an appropriate age? In that agreement did she include the requirement that if for some reason the new "owner" could no longer appropriately provide for the animal s/he would be returned to Michelle, or adopted by another individual, rather than taking s/he to a shelter? The importance of adherence to these basic protocols are well established in the rescue/animal advocacy community and on the GBU page/blogs. No one gets away with non compliant sloppiness here. Michelle is especially harsh and mean spirited in her own judgements and actions against people in this regard. So why should she not be held to her own standards?

So finally where is the puppy she named Freedom? Where are the other puppies? Where is the second Freedom that Michelle's son adopted who was originally named Piglet when Piglet was a very young puppy? She got Piglet in August of 2011 at only a few months old. Michelle claims she gave this second Freedom away, too, and that she can't locate this dog i.e. Freedom has disappeared. That is two dogs of hers named Freedom that are not accounted for. I know people who have been "burned at the stake" for less than this on GBU and elsewhere? Yet who is questioning Michelle about this? I never saw one question about this in her Truth Time" thread.

I also found it peculiar that a person who is aware of the animal overpopulation problem, as well as people's irresponsibility when they fail to get their dogs spayed and neutered, and one who has in some instances even cruelly skewered others for not altering animals in their care, is being so cavalier and loling about her own dog. Michelle wrote: "And my slut got out just once..... and then backed into the next door neighbors dog. And hocus pocus........puppies." "She wasn't gone very long. The slut. lol. I caught her with the Rotty and he was mounted. lol." OMG this is so not funny. Hocus pocus........puppies? What kind of example does this set?

Also it really upset me that Michelle repeatedly calls her dog Justice a "bitch slut". Many may think that is fine. However each time Michelle does this she is directing misogynistic (woman hating) hostility toward Justice when *she* is the one responsible for letting Justice out, *she* is the one responsible for not spaying her dog and for not spaying Justice *immediately* after she witnessed the male rottweiler mounting Justice. She knew exactly when Justice got pregnant and she did nothing.  How is any of that fine?

In closing here's some of her comments she wrote in her photo album
about Justice and the puppies:

"Well the second one has arrived and it has the same exact markings only the while stripe behind the shoulders is a little thicker. It was the Rottweiler across the street that tagged her when she took off near the end of her heat. They didn't even lock up so I thought I got lucky.. but obviously she was the one that got lucky. lol"--December 3, 2010

"I know. I had an appt to get her spayed but she was in heat and the vet wouldn't do it. Well, it would of cost a lot more. And my slut got out just once..... and then backed into the next door neighbors dog. And hocus pocus........puppies."--December 6, 2010

Michelle writes: "They have boxer markings. But no. Pitbull and I thought rottweiler but now I'm thinking he didn't get to her first. She wasn't gone very long. The slut. lol. I caught her with the Rotty and he was mounted. lol. A couple of them have markings on their faces like a St. Bernard markings. They are huge."--January 4, 2011

"They are all huge. They were born Friday morning. My slut bitch was due to get spayed when she went into heat. She escaped and had relations with the rottweiler next door."--December 5, 2010

"OMG third one is already here. She's shooting them out like marbles now."--December 3, 2010

"This slut is getting fixed. I can't do this again. lol To nerve racking. I'm so glad I didn't having daughters. lol."--December 3, 2010

"The puppy in this picture... the first born and a male.... is named Freedom. Will get photos of the rest soon."--December 3, 2010

"We have eight puppies. Think she's finally done."--December 3, 2010

"I am going to look for homes for them. There are eight. There were nine, but Obama died at birth."

(Facebook person writes:) I'll take a male. Michelle Shaw replies: "You want Freedom? He is the biggest one and the leader of the pack. lol"--January 3, 2011 at 7:11pm

I have other concerns about Michelle's statement that I will reply to soon. For now, suffice it to say that her statement is not accountable and that she continues to manipulate and mislead people. She does this all the while as she flies a banner of "Truth" over her group and personal page. I sent her a message through a friend recently that I am sorry it turned out as it did, and I am. After reading her statement it's easy to conclude that I cannot accept her apology. I wish I could have.--Nikki Craft, December 8, 2013


At the end of her statement Michelle posted if anyone has further inquiries to post to the GBU page. I do not have a facebook account that I am willing to forfeit for being reported, at least. I hope someone reading this might post the url on the GBU page and other appropriate groups and blogs.

Printed below is Michelle's original statement

The Good, the Bad, the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue
Dec 6, 2013

Truth time- I'm Michelle Shaw and I am the creator of this (the GBU) page.

I have a felony for drug possession and I also have a horrible driving record. I am NOT a drug dealer, I just got caught up in a situation that i never should of been in.

I NEVER surrendered any dog to any shelter either. I am NOT a backyard breeder either.

I have been accused of mistreating a handicapped person I was in charge of caring for. The truth is that the person I was caring for was in Hospice and was released from Hospice care during my time of caring for her because she was thriving so well. She had bed sores on her bum and they were completely healed by the time I had l left.

Freedom, a dog my son and I had rescued from an abusive home, was placed with someone i trusted. Her whereabouts is still unknown at this time but not for lack of trying to find her. I NEVER surrendered her to any shelter and the director of the Flagstaff Humane Aociety can confirm that if the person who made the accusations would give a date and time she was supposed to have been surrendered. To this date, the person who made the accusation has yet to give that information.

The backyard breeding accusation was derived from 2010 when my roommate at the time, who owned Justice (named Precious at the time) had refused to pick Justice up from the shelter after she had escaped the yard. It cost me $90 to get her out of impound. She was already pregnant. She had 9 pups. 8 survived. That one pup which we named Obama, had died at birth and was buried in the backyard.

As for those 8 remaining pups, they were vetted by me without any help from anyone and placed in homes with people I knew personally.

As for the Rip Off Report.... that was written by Barbie Nemeth who also wrote a retraction. The information is false.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to message the page with your inquiries.


  1. Michelle Lynne Shaw/Bell/Wolff gets worse each and every time new information comes out on her. I believe it's only the tip of that despicable iceberg.

  2. You've done an excellent job of laying out pure evidence. Are you a lawyer? This is how the truth should be told. Not what she does. She distorts, manipulates, and flat out lies without conscience. It's scary. Something is really wrong there.

    1. I agree that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with Michelle at this point. Nope, not a lawyer.

  3. The page Michelle Shaw created a face book page called The Good The Bad The Unforgivable of Animal Rescue and has on quite a few occasions attacked other rescues. I personally am waiting for her to apologize to Eldad of Hope for Paws for her accusations toward him. The thread she created on her page magically disappeared; however I do not recall ever seeing an apology.

  4. How anyone can take this despicable woman seriously is unthinkable. I have witnessed many attacks on rescues coordinated from that witch hunt page she runs, mostly with next to no evidence and what little flimsy evidence is present is often so distorted and manipulated its hard to see how anyone can give it any credibility. Please continue your blogs, people really do need to know the truth on this 'advocate'.

  5. Finds it very hard to fathom why any intelligent being could possibly imagine this creep, doing more than just setting itself up as a implausible animal advocate,who does nothing but manufacture and spew garbage all over the place. I know many people who wouldn't be caught dead on that gutter trash page, only a handful of like minded sycophants hang around the stench that emits from this persons attempts to falsify and malign decent people/groups.
    Definitely keep up with the blogs and encourage others to share, it's a necessity.